The Academy of Choice offers supervision to counselors and coaches. If you are an LPC who needs supervision to qualify for your LCPC, we can help. Kim Olver is an LCPC who does supervision with counselors interested in exploring treating clients without dependence upon the medical model for medication and diagnosing disease. Kim will support you in using the principles of Dr. Glasser’s Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and her own, proprietary method called, Mental Freedom when you are truly ready to help your clients stop being victims and, take control of their life and begin to live from within. Please check the rules of your state to be sure you can have a supervisor who doesn’t work at your place of employment and may be out-of-state. Academy of Choice Also offers supervision to coaches. While there is no law requiring supervision, you may want to run some cases by someone with more experience.

Individual supervision is billed at $150/hour.

  Counselor/Coach Supervision