Module 3B-Skills Assessment

Skills Practice: Powerful InsideOut Coaching Questions

  1. When you purchased the Academy of Choice’s InsideOut Coaching™ program, you should have received the link to our Powerful InsideOut Coaching Questions ebook and a separate link for Scenarios for Skills Practice.  You will need both documents for this exercise.
  2. Please review this ebook to become familiar with how to ask questions and specifically what questions to ask in certain situations. You may use this ebook any time you are doing your practice sessions for the program up until Module 6, at which time we will expect you to do your skills practice without written prompts.
  3. If you can find two other coaching students in our Facebook community to do skills practice with, great! Then you will be able to do triad practice as designed with a client, a coach and an observer. If there is only one, then the two of you can still practice but the client will be doing double duty as the client and the observer.  Finally, if your only option is to practice with a volunteer colleague, friend or family member, that’s fine but you will be doing double duty as the coach and the observer, which is a challenge to do. Your volunteer will also be expected to give some information regarding what the experience was like for him or her. Was there anything you said that was particularly helpful? And was there anything you said that was not helpful?
  4. Another option I found is the site I have not used them, nor am I recommending them, but they claim to be a site that matches clients looking for free coaching with coaching students looking for practice clients. There is a one-time registration fee of    15.00 ₤, which translates to approximately $24.00. You at your own risk.
  5. Your practice sessions need to be recorded so they can be critiqued by an Academy of Choice coach. You may choose your own method of recording. The Academy of Choice has a system available for you to schedule a telephone conference line to record your sessions if you’d like. The phone call costs no more than a regular telephone call.
  6. a. If you want to use the Academy of Choice’s conference line, you will need a Google account to access the calendar. Google accounts are free. You can sign up for an email account at either or Once you have an account, send an email to asking to be invited to our calendar. You will need to include your name and email address.c. When you get your Google Email Verification email, click on the link they provide to verify your email address. This email will come to your Gmail or Hotmail address, whichever one you provided to us.d. Log in to Google with your email and password. At the top there is a black bar with links. If Calendar is a visible link, then click on it. If you don’t see Calendar, then click the drop down menu called More and click on Calendar.e. If you only have one calendar from the Academy of Choice, then it will automatically open to that. If you have more than one calendar, then on the left side will be an area called My Calendars.  If this is open, you will see the calendars available to you. Be sure to deselect any other calendars you have open, and select the one labeled Academy of Choice.

    f. You will see who else has the conference line scheduled and when. Depending on how you have your calendar set up, you may be able to see the beginning and ending times of the appointments that are already scheduled shown in your local time zone. If you don’t see the ending time, then you will have to click on the what’s scheduled to open it and view the ending time.

    g. You are able to sign up for any available time slot. If you are working in triads, schedule 1.5 hours, in pairs an hour, and you will only need 30 minutes if you are working with a colleague,   friend or family member.

    h. Click on the time you want to begin. A box will open up giving you a one hour time slot. Put your name in the “What” box. If an hour is the time you need, then  click on the “Create Event” button at the bottom of the box and your scheduled time should be seen in the calendar. If you need more or less time, then click on the words “Edit event” and make your changes. When you are satisfied, click the “Save” button and you will see your event in the calendar.

    i. Even though it is possible to schedule more than one event for the same time slot, there is only one conference line so you must choose a time slot that is not already booked.

  7. At the agreed upon scheduled time, simply dial 712-432-3900 and when prompted enter the access code 291394#. You will also be asked the moderator code so follow the prompts for that and enter moderator code 697761#. When you decide to begin your practice session, one of you needs to press *2 to begin the recording. The recording will end when you disconnect from the telephone line.
  8. If you are working with a volunteer client who is not another InsideOut Coaching student, then you will need to provide them with the phone number for the conference line and the access code. They will not need the moderator code since they will not be setting up the recording.
  9. When you have finished your practice session, simply hang up and send an email to telling her you completed a recorded session. Then tell her the name of Coach #1, Coach #2 and Coach #3 if you were working in a triad; Coach #1 and Coach #2 if you were working in pairs; and just your name if you were working with a volunteer.  Denise will get your recording to one of our coaches who will send you feedback within 5 business days. Should you choose a different method for recording your practice sessions, then it will be up to you to get a copy of the recoding to the coaches at the Academy of Choice.
  10. Feel free to make up your own scenarios or use any of the first twelve listed on the handout, “Scenarios for Skills Practice.” The client acts out the role provided or one of their own. The coach uses the InsideOut Coaching Model to help the client work through the problem or accomplish the goal. The observer’s role is to keep time and to provide feedback on how the coach used the InsideOut Coaching model and any questions from the “Powerful InsideOut Coaching Questions” ebook. . Each practice session should last no more than 15 minutes. You do not have to start the process and get to a finished plan conclusion. Just go as far as the 15 minutes will allow. Do not rush the process. When the 15 minutes are over, there is five minutes allowed for self-evaluation, which is also recorded with the actual practice session.

Here is a sample skills practice session with Kim in the role of coach and Barb playing a client seeking help for her coaching business.

Below is a video of Kim in the role of coach, Barb as client and Amy as observer demonstrating how to debrief a Skills Practice session. The questions Amy is using are listed below.

Here is the structure for the debrief process period:

    1. Coach answers the following questions:
        1. What were you wanting to accomplish with this client?
        2. Which of the 10 InsideOut Coaching goals did you address?
        3. What did you do toward that end?
        4. Did you follow the structure of InsideOut Coaching?
        5. Did you use any questions from the ”Powerful Questions” ebook? If so, which ones?
        6. Overall, how do you think your session went?
        7. If you had the opportunity to do it over, is there anything you would change?
    2. Client answers  the following questions:
        1. What was the experience like for him or her?
        2. Was there anything  the coach said that was particularly helpful?
        3. And was there anything you said that was not helpful?
        4. Was there anything you wanted your coach to ask that wasn’t asked?
    3. Observer answers the following questions:
      1. Did you notice the coach following the InsdieOut Coaching Model?
      2. What questions did the coach ask from the “Powerful Questions” ebook?
      3. Which InsideOut Coaching Goals were addressed?