Choice Theory & Reality Therapy

Complete part one first by completing one module per week and email the worksheet for each module to

Instructions for saving filliable PDF worksheet: Click on link, download form and save with a different name. Open form, complete and save again.  You will need to have Adobe Reader 8 or later to save fillable forms. There may be some forms that are not fillable.  For example, the Quality World Pictures worksheet is not fillable as it requires you to draw pictures.  Please print and scan non-fillable forms for emailing. Scanning forms is an option for all the forms if you are having issues with saving a fillable worksheet.

Once you have completed Part One, please proceed to Part Two.


Module One: Introduction Module Fourteen: Making a Plan
Making a Plan Worksheet
Module Two: Why Do We Behave?
Internal Control Worksheet
Module Fifteen: Who’s Responsible?
Module Three: Relationships
Perceptiion Worksheet
Module Sixteen: Follow Up
Module Four: Basic Human Needs
Needs Strength Profile Worksheet
Module Seventeen: Four Types of Relationships
Relationships Worksheets
Module Five: Your Quality World
Quality World Pictures Worksheet
Module Eighteen: Three Different Leadership Styles
Leaders Worksheet
Module Six: Your Perceived World
Perceptiion Worksheet
Module Nineteen: Conditions of Quality
Conditions of Quality Worksheet
Module Seven: Total Behavior
Total Behavior Worksheet
Module Twenty: How Do You Manage?
How to Manage Worksheet
Module Eight: It’s ALL Behavior, Or Is It Perception?
Behavior Perception Worksheet
Module Twenty-One: Relationship is the Root of All Influence
Consequences Worksheet
Module Nine: Prevent Helper Stress and Burnout
Helper Self-Evaluation Worksheet
Module Twenty-Two: Creating an Environment Conducive to Learning
Needs-Satisfying Worksheet
Module Ten: Putting it All Together
Choice Theory Perspective Worksheet
Module Twenty-Three: Competency-Based Learning
Module Eleven: Establishing an Environment Conducive to Change
Building Rapport Worksheet
Module Twenty-Four: Class Meetings
Class Meetings Worksheet
Module Twelve: What Do You Want?
Quality World Exploration Worksheet
Module Twenty-Five: Summary
Module Thirteen: The Powerful Questions
Procedures that Lead to Change Worksheet


PART TWO: 30-Hour Coaching Program

Go to: and click on signup at the top right. Create username & password and check your email for a confirmation email from Academy of Choice and confirm your email. 

Please proceed through the modules in order and take tests at the end of each module. At the beginning of each module you will find list of program materials. You will need to proceed through this module and click “complete and continue” at the top before you can proceed to the actual course. We recommend that you download and/or print each of these documents so you have them available as your proceed through the course. 

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