30 Hour Coaching Program Outline


Date/Time Topics Topics Overview
Day Coaching Basics *Discuss the differences and nuances between counseling, coaching, and consulting*Create a list of essential coaching skills, including establishing the boundaries of a coaching relationship

*Distinguish between the role of the coach and the role of the client

*Create your own Informed Consent form

*Report, discuss and debate each point of the BCC Code of Ethics

Day 2 InsideOut Coaching Basics *Activity to learn to focus on strengths*List the five basic human needs of InsideOut Empowerment

*Review several coaching assessment options

*Examine Destructive and Healthy Relationship Habits

*List the elements of an Effective Plan

*Skills practice: Creating an Effective Plan

Day 2 Life/Wellness/




*Discuss the InsideOut Coaching model*Skills practice: Using the Powerful Questions eBook

*Value Conflict Demonstration

*Skills practice: Your value conflict example

Day 2 Life/Wellness/Relationship


*Identify client resources*Assess client motivation

*Discuss InsideOut Coaching’s decision-making process

*Skills practice: Decision-making


Day 3 Life/Wellness/Relationship


*Discuss the often subconscious self-talk that leads to self-sabotage*Learn to counter-balance this with affirmations/declarations

*Discuss the process of gratitude

*Participate in an activity to engage clients in shifting their perceptions

Day 3 Business/Organizational


*Distinguish different processes for creating systemic change as opposed to just individual change*Discuss the Triangle of Choice

*Demonstration of using group process

*Participation in activity designed to create win/win negotiation

*Review the Solving Circle technique

*Skills Practice: Business client

*Discussion of issues in coaching and brainstorm solutions


Day 3 Business Basics *Niche Marketing*Creating a WordPress Site

*Building an Email List

*Publishing an Email Newsletter

*Article Writing


*Social Media

*Creating a Product Funnel

*Search Engine Optimization

*Creating a Referral System

Day 3 Next Steps *Assignment of accountability partners*Discuss expectations of the 6 hours of independent study

*Evaluaton of program

Totally at YourOwn Pace Independent Study *Produce 3 videoed practice coaching sessions*Spend at least 30 minutes with your Client Compass software, custominzing the forms for your business

*Read the Goal Attainment eBook and complete all corresponding exercises

*Complete a full self-assessment of your coaching skills

*Complete the Academy of Choice’s Competencey Evaluation