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Choice Coaches know how to help their clients become bigger than anything that happens to them.

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What is Choice Coaching?

Our coaching process is about helping people to stop creating their own misery, while helping them take responsibility for their own happiness and success by putting their time and energy into the things they control, rather than the things they don’t. This means leading people away from blame, anger, and resentment and into introspection, acceptance and proactivity. Our process demolishes the victim mentality and empowers empower clients to reach their goals, while creating the meaningful relationships in their lives that will support and encourage them along the way.

Choice Coaches:

Empower clients for success

know how to help their clients become bigger than anything that happens to them.

assists clients with taking responsibility for the solutions to their own problems, while helping them learn how to have the greatest positive influence with the important people in their lives.

assist their clients to clarify their vision, mission, values and goals.

ask more questions, than provide direct answers, with the goal of guiding the client toward options that will maximize the likelihood of goal attainment.

work from a position of strength and wellness, as opposed to deficit and pathology.

provide just the right balance of support, challenge and accountability.

BCC Requirements

Which program do you need?
30, 60 or 120-hour?

30-Hour Program

For people with a masters or doctorate in counseling or an NCC
In-person and Distance-learning programs available

60-Hour Program

Masters degree or higher in a social or behavioral science other than counseling
In-Person Program available

120-Hour Program

Bachelors degree or higher in any subject
In-Person Program available

The Academy of Choice offers several different coaching programs to meet a variety of needs. 

Our revolutionary coaching process is built on the foundation of the legendary work of Dr. William Glasser’s, Choice Theory®, which helps people understand the only person’s behavior they can control is their own but also teaches many effective ways to influence the behavior of others.

You qualify for a 30-hour Certification program if you meet one of the following criterion:

You are an NCC,
You have a full professional counselor license, e.g. LCPC, LCP, LPCC, LMHC,
You have a Master’s or Ph.D. in Counseling,
You have a Doctorate in a social or behavioral science, such as social work, education, health, or business

You qualify for a 60-hour Certification program if you meet one of the following criterion:

You have a Master’s degree or higher in one of the follow areas: business, management, social work, marriage and family therapy, psychology, medicine, health and wellness, education and law. 

You qualify for a 120-hour Certification program if you meet one of the following criterion:

Bachelor’s degree or higher in any field of study

Our Coaches

Kim Olver, MS., NCC., LCPC -Kim’s mission is to help people make better choices for a better life. She has studied Choice Theory over 30 years and has developed her process of Mental Freedom based on it. Kim is a highly sought-after international speaker and an award-winning author. Her books include: Leveraging Diversity at Work with Sylvester Baugh (2006), Secrets of Happy Couples (2010), Choosing Me Now (2019) and A Choice Theory Guide to Relationships (2019). She is currently working on the forthcoming books, The Definitive Guide to Coaching and Mental Freedom. Kim is the author of The Relationship Center blog; the producer of the podcast Life = Choices; Choices = Life; creator of Empowerment Parenting, a 25-hour parenting curriculum for court-mandated parents; and owner of Academy of Choice, a BCC (Board Certified Coach) Coaching Program. She is a model of what she teaches, and believes responsibility, trust and appreciation are the keys to a happy, peaceful, satisfying life.

S. Nasrollah H. Navid MD, MPH, MBA, was a family physician, entrepreneur, business owner, life/business coach and motivational speaker back in his home country in Iran. Nassi, moved to the US in 2017, passed the USMLE Board Exams and became a licensed medical doctor. He has certification in Choice Theory/ Reality Therapy and also is a certified coach by Academy of Choice. He is currently a psychiatric resident CA. He wants to be a practicing psychiatrist in the US, and strives into establishing a holistic, integrative perspective to mental health and considers quality relationships and happiness, and not necessarily psychotropic medications to be the cornerstone of mental fitness, and the antidote to “mental illnesses.”


Sylvester Baugh is the Director of Baugh Training & Consulting (BTC) in Illinois. Sylvester has assisted a variety of educational institutions in developing and sustaining a quality culture. For over 35 years, Sylvester has dedicated his life to serving and improving others. Sylvester provides trainings and workshops in the areas of, Cultural Awareness, Managing Conflict, Effective Leadership, Team Building, Diversity and much more. He co-authored the book, Leveraging Diversity at Work, How to Hire, Retain and Inspire a Diverse Workforce for Peak Performance and Profit and he is the author of the book, Puzzled, but NOT Confused. How to obtain and maintain quality relationships. Prior to the tragedy of 9/11/01, he worked with United Airlines in the area of Diversity Management. Sylvester’s a dynamic, stimulating, inspirational presenter. He believes in effective communication and his message is life-changing and inspiring.


Scott D’Alterio Ed.D., BCC, RYT 500, is a Board Certified Coach with a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Brain-based Leadership and Master’s Degrees in both Counseling and Human Development and Educational Leadership. He has over 20 years of international experience and has been the Director of three International schools where he supported the staff and parent community with extensive coaching, consulting and training. His passion is to support others to identify their underlying wants and needs and to realize their goals and develop healthier habits. Scott is also well established in the health and wellness field and understands the mind, body, and higher consciousness connection. He is a 500 RYT Certified Yoga teacher. 


Phil Lynn

Phil Lynn, BCC, BS, MA is a board-certified coach specializing in couples and family coaching. With thirty years of pastoral experience, Phil’s desire as a coach is to help people heal, restore and build happy, fulfilling family relationships. He has an intuitive knack for connecting with others in a matter of minutes, and his unique approach to relationships permeates everything he does as a coach. Phil is the founder and owner of The Trias Group, a relationally-based coaching organization. 


Denise Daub, Busines Owner & Coach. Over the course of the past 30 years Denise has held various positions in the  business world as a Paralegal, Office Manager and Administrative Assistant for various businesses and individuals. In 2005 she left the corporate world and established her own business providing administrative support, website design & maintenance, eCommerce, marketing, desktop publishing and much more, including coaching  small business owners.


Shruti Tekwani is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in trauma, grief, and loss. She is also a certified coach and spends most of her time in online and in-person private practice as well as by presenting workshops & trainings. She received her masters in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern University and has 13 years of experience working with college students in crisis and in a counseling environment. She has also worked as a school psychologist at the International School of Curacao. Shruti is a Basic Instructor for the William Glasses Institute. She sits on the board of Directors for the William Glasser International Organization, WGI-US, and the WGI-Northeast Region. 

Raquel Ornelas, LCPC, CADC, CCTP, BCC, Director of Clinical Services at Perspectives Counseling & Psychotherapy Center, Chicago, IL